We all remember the 80’s – good times, bad hair, really cool styles…  the Guestbook is here to write to all the others who relate to the 80’s – leave comments about our shows, fashion, movies, food, whatever.

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  1. Well, I am one of The Big 80’s longest-running fans. I first saw them at World Mardi Gras in 1999, back when Drew Bills was the keyboardist and one of the lead singers. Back then, and through the mid-2000’s or so, the band played sets heavy on New Wave and New Wave-influenced party songs of the 80’s, which is among my favorite music and one of the original reasons I was so in love with The Big 80’s. Drew is a great keyboardist and had an uncanny knack for vocally sounding a lot like the artist he was covering.

    In 2007, with Drew’s departure and the addition of Joe Fortin as one of the lead vocalists and guitarists, the band morphed into more of a tribute to 80’s rock, while still retaining a lot of the fun 80’s Pop & New Wave tunes they were known for. Joe has been an absolutely stunning addition to The Big 80’s, with his arena-sized voice and guitar skills amping everything up to 11.

    Rounding out the line-up is the amazing Gina Dowling on lead vocals and key-tar. Gina’s voice rocks outs and beautifully soars like her idols Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar. Scott Maxwell is a true guitar virtuoso second to none, while Jason Koch adds a fun, funky bass line to everything and Nathan Wiencken makes sure the party never slows down as he keeps time on the drums. (Scott, Jay and Nathan also have a go at the mic on certain songs, too…It’s always a fun little detour when they do). Gina’s husband Joel, who used to be the bassist and one of the lead singers, now runs the sound and light show, ensuring everything looks and sounds great.

    These guys are absolutely top-notch musicians and singers, putting on a great show every time I see them. And I’ve seen them a lot…Too many times to count. As a matter of fact, I’m going to check them out tonight at The Stacked Pickle in Fishers, alongside my other half, Stephanie, who’s been checking out Big 80’s shows with me since 2007 and is a bonafide Big 80’s addict too.

    Indianapolis area fans, The Big 80’s plays around here a lot — pretty much monthly at Britton Tavern in Noblesviulle, and quite often at That Place in Greenwood, just to name a couple. Do yourself a favor and check them out, if you haven’t already. Make it soon.

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